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This website uses Piwik, an Open-Source-Software for statistic evaluation of user access. This gives digitando the opportunity to improve own web services and to develop other products. Piwik uses so called 'cookies', these are text files, which are stored on your computer and allow analysis of your use of this website. Due to the cookie created data will be stored on a german hosting server. The IP-adress is immedeatly anonymized after processing and before storing, which makes it finally impossible to link it to persons. You can deny generally the installation of cookies by setting in your browser software. Just check your browser settings for it. However, we highlight, that you might not use the full service of this website. If you do not agree storing and analyzing your annonymized visit of this website, you can disagree by clicking on the link below. This will create another cookie (opt-out cookie) as temporary file on you computer, which does not allow Piwik to gather any data. In case you decide for deletion of cookies in you browser, this opt-out cookie will be deleted as well. Therefore you need to disagree the next time again, when you visit this website.

As digitando is currently only available in Germany, there is no document provided here.