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digitando is a German internet startup, which was founded 2015 in Cologne (Germany). We are developing and running a WebApp to simplify online shopping for customers independently from online vendors.

diE-Mail stands for a digitando e-mail adress. This e-mail adress is used by our users to connect their online-shopping with digitando. Mainly the diE-Mail can be seen as standardized interface to online vendors.

Behind digitando there are three founders from Cologne. We are beginning 30 years old and have strong expericenes in the area of app and website development, e-commmerce, management of IT-projects and entrepreneurship and desire for independence and new challenges.

Immediately, but currently only available in Germany! Since end of march 2016 we have made our very first version available under Furthermore, there ist a demo version available for trial

The very first product version by digitando is a web-based application (WebApp). It can therefore be used on any device, which is able to show websites. Already from the start, the application is optimized for mobile usage. However the usage is also possible on tablets, PCs or notebooks.

The WebApp works on any devices that can show websites. Only requirement is the registration.

With the prototyp, digitando will offer its user the so called diE-Mail. In case this diE-Mail is used during online-shopping (inserted as e-mail adress within contact form), all transfered information by shop can be included into the digitando-WebApp. You therefore free your inbox of messages from online-shops and therefore only have the really important information from family and friends. Additionally you need never search for the right message of a shop again. All information are structured and nicely presented inside the digitando-WebApp. Beyond, you are able to use various search and filter functions to perfectly organize your shopping.

As you are using your diE-Mail within future online shopping, digitando can nicely structure your shopping for you in your user profile. You always know where and when you have bought your products. You know your product warranties of shoppings and you are able to find always the invoice of your bought products. Besides, an inbox full with newsletter is past.

All data, which was collected as consequence of diE-Mail usage by customers, are automatically processed. For that purpose only the user data are processed to show them inside the user profile. This gives our users structure and overview. digitando will treat this data with maximum respect and care and will never ever forward them to a third pary.

As the registred user deploys his diE-Mail all messages from vendors will be transferred to digitando. Generally these kind of messages are order confirmations, invoices, shipping status and newsletters. All containing information will be read-out by digitando and presented within the persaonal user profile. The user himself decides which information will be transferred to digitando, as he is responsible for the diE-Mail usage.

Differently, as other service providers on the net, digitando puts its users in the foreground and offers them maximum transparency and comfort to better organize own online transactions. Based on transparency, we would like to win your confidence. We neither sell any data and generally nor give away to others. As a centralized interface between you as user and online vendors, we can offer a huge variety of different advantages for our users, which will be established from version to version.

The protection of personal data is digitando top priority. Any decision is first tested for compatibility with the German data protection regulations. For more details look at the Privacy Policy. Our servers are located in Germany to provide maximum data security. We generally do not sell data or give information to others. The user himself is the only one who should benefit from its data.

Contrary to widespread data sale of various internet service providers, digitando represents the opinion that only the user should benefit from its data. Thereby users can perfectly benefit their data, digitando will structure and process them for their users. This significantly increases the usability of data for our customers (users) and will create long-term cash benefits in the long run for our users.

We have made it to our mission, to give online shoppers in the digital world a strengthened position against online vendors. For this purpose, we provide tools for online customers so that they can completely enjoy their purchases. We are therefore aiming to offer our users an easy way to benefit from their own data. We will achieve this by various stages of development of our digitando WebApp. Numerous ideas and plans are already in our drawers.

Currently digitando is 100% bootstraped by founders. By that a very first product version can be provided to customers for free. It is not planned to demand fees for the usage of first version.

In 2016 a first round of financing by crowdfunding is currently prepared. Together with the crowd, we want to develop a digital service power for customers and pursue a new business approach. We strongly disagree financing digitando by selling customer information.

Aiming maximum possible transparency towards our users, digitando requires a small annual fee paid by its users. By that, it can be clearly shown, that digitando does not require sale of customer data and its service exclusively exists for advantage of our users. Current planing forsees a fee of 66 cent per month (7,95€ per year).

Many additional modules are planned beyond deposition of notifications and invoices. Users can deposit contracts and their lifespan (e.g. mobile phone contract, car insurance, ...), so that the digitando WebApp automatically reminds the end of the contract. Generally, all features are aimed to simplify the online life of users.