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digitando online-shopping verwalten und organisieren

simplify your online shopping...


problem - why digitando?

Many purchases, lots of shops and always tons of newsletters .... where is the bill from your last order?

e-mails, e-mails, e-mails...
Every online purchase means an average of 5 e-mails.

I have not seen your message.

Online shopping creates a massive flood of e-mails. You receive e-mails from online shops due to registration, orders or marketing, but really important messages from friends and family are lost in your in inbox.

I can no longer find the invoice.

If a purchased product is broken or needs to be sold, the search for the right invoice begins. Where and when did I purchase the product and is the warrenty still valid? What did I pay for the product?

solution - what is digitando doing?

The digitando App gives you an in-depth overview: invoice, shipping, delivery, your data and never m missed offer from your shop's newsletters.

order overview

digitando all orders in one view

data overview

digitando your data in one view

offer overview

digitando offers in one view

solution - what is digitando doing?

The digitando App gives you an in depth overview:
invoice, shipping, delivery, your data and never a missed offer from your shop's newsletters.

Find your invoices, your products and your shops...

You will know where, when, and exactly what you bought.

If you are looking for an invoice, you will find it immediately.

Your ordered products will always be under control.

Product warranties and return deadlines will be supervised for you.

Discover what information an online shop has about you...

Your data will be returned to you structured and clear.

digitando shows what vendors know about you.

Your data is yours; we just process them for you.

Find offers and newsletters that interest you...

You have the control over promotional offers, keep overview.

Save money by not missing an offer.

Freedom for your inbox - newsletters are now in digitando!

how to - how does digitando work?

Simplify your online shopping in 4 steps.



required information:



You will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link.

After confirmation your digitando access is granted.



digitando diE-Mail

From now on use your digitando address with your online shopping and also replace it on current accounts!



digitando works on any internet device

Congratulations! Now you have your shopping activities completely under control on any device.

Interested in us?

Then just leave your e-mail and signup for our newsletter:

our mission - how is it happening?

You can participate in the future development of the digitando App.

We see us as a service for online shoppers, so that they can benefit from their digital data.

Trust in data security!

Our own scientific research study is the foundation for digitando. A snapshot of results can be downloaded here.

market study

What needs to be improved?

Tell us what features are missing. What shall we work on? Write us, so that we can improve digitando for you!


values - what does digitando stand for?

clear aims and visions

data highness

As users are the creators of data, only they should control its use. Our users decide by use of their diE-mail, what data digitando is allowed to process for them.

data location

To fulfill the highest security standards, the servers that digitando uses are all located in Germany. This is an important part of our business model.

data protection

Due to being a German company, digitando falls under the German data protection regulations. These are known worldwide as being very strict. Our adherence to these regulations, reflects our promise to our customers.

data processing

digitando sees itself as a service provider for its customers, as their data is processed and exclusively presented just for them. The presentation takes place as a structured and clear platform.

data value

digitando transforms personal user data into a valuable data treasure, from which only the user will benefit. The created data offers the user a real advantage within online transactions with companies.

data transparency

At the same time, digitando offers its customers maximum data transparency. At every moment, the user can easily supervise, what data he gave to whom and when. Beyond this, he always knows what digitando knows about him.

team - who is behind digitando?

3 founders - one team

Florian Götz/h3>


Julian Steinmeyer


Jens Enkhardt


partner & supporter